To our Buyer Clients

The real estate transaction is a complex and emotional one. Some clients feel that real estate companies just market and advertise properties. We take the process further. A typical real estate transaction is comprised of over 300 distinct activities and 15-20 participants. It is one that can involve over 100 separate forms and documents. Finding a suitable buyer and negotiating an offer is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our commitment is not only to market your property so you will maximize your return on the sale, but also to act as your enthusiastic advocate, capable negotiator and coordinator of this very complex transaction. We will provide knowledgeable advice and explain our duties to you and all the other people involved in the transaction. We will advise you of your rights and obligations under the contract. We will give you the benefit of our experience and knowledge as you decide how to respond to offers or counter-offers that you receive. We will communicate with you during the transaction and keep you continually informed on what responsibilities everyone has and the time frames in which all parties must meet their responsibilities.

We not only want to see a transaction to completion (close of escrow); we want to make sure that the transaction progresses smoothly and correctly. We will give the marketing and sale of your home the time and attention it deserves. Homeowners entrust the sale of a major financial asset to their real estate firm. We will earn that trust.

A large part of the expertise that we bring to the real estate transaction is our education and experience. All real estate agents must meet certain minimum requirements for continuing education but we take ours more seriously than that. Not only do our agents attend off-site classes in all aspects of real estate, Eric H. Sand Real Estate conducts live onsite training at our office on a monthly basis. By conducting these classes in smaller groups we can tailor the subjects more to our individual markets and our client's needs.

Our agents and management are involved in the leading real estate industry trade groups and associations from the local to the state and national level. This keeps our agents abreast of changes in industry trends and legal issues in this rapidly changing industry.

We promote property successfully with full understanding of the local real estate markets. We provide you the information required for making an informed decision by knowing what is currently available for sale and what has recently sold. We tour our office listings weekly as well as listings on the market with other firms. Our automated computer systems provide us with daily update of changes in the market, including prices and time on the market. We are a fourth generation local real estate firm and we take our slogan "local knowledge" seriously.

One of the most important stages in the listing of a property is an in-depth meeting with you so we can fully understand your wants and needs. We want you to completely understand our commitment to you and our mutual responsibilities in the process. We will prepare a detailed analysis of the value of your property and an estimated seller net sheet. We will also prepare a detailed marketing plan. We will explain the various options for showing, advertising, and other means of exposing the property to the market. Marketing your home is a partnership and good partnerships come from a full understanding by both parties.

Once we have this full understanding and agreement we will begin to market your home. This is a very complex and multi-faceted process that employs the services of many different media and people. Our goal is to give your property maximum exposure to the market. We will advise you in preparing your home for sale. Quite often we ask a team of our agents for their advice on how to make the home show the best. We will assist you in the preparation of all disclosure documents and recommend inspections when necessary. During this entire process we will continually review the responses of clients and other agents, communicate these to you, and recommend a change in strategy where appropriate.

The result of this marketing effort should be an offer or perhaps several offers on your property. This is where the strength of our negotiating skill will come into play. We will promptly present all offers with our analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. We will advise you how to accept, reject or counter the offers and prepare all documents for your signature. We will also prepare a revised seller net sheet to show you the exact breakdown of your proceeds. We not only are knowledgeable about the contracts and markets but our reputation in the real estate community for using the highest ethical standards will smooth this process. The other agents in the community want to know and be able to assure their buyers that they are being treated fairly and honestly.

When we have a contract ratified by all parties the next phase of the transaction begins. This is the most complicated and stressful part of the process and our goal is to move you from the offer to a successful closing. We will coordinate all necessary inspections and reports. We will track every aspect of the escrow and keep you informed about all time frames and requirements. We work closely with the cooperating broker, loan officer, title officers, inspectors, pest control companies and with you to make sure everything is done properly.

At the time of closing we will review all closing documents and instructions and be present with you at the Title Company to provide any explanations necessary. The myriad of details that make up this whole process are all vitally important. An oversight can expose you to a situation that can impact you years later. Our system of checks and balances combined with our experience makes certain that things are done thoroughly, correctly and in a timely fashion.

We are proud to commit ourselves to these high standards of service.